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AVIVO ERP  is an Open-source ERP Application Implementation &  Development firm based in USA. Avivo provides Consulting, Integration & outsourcing of the Open-source applications, Databases, Operating system & Open source Voip solutions to Large & Small Enterprises.

The ERP system which we implement is built on an open-source architecture & it runs on all Operating systems & Platforms . A complete ERP system which includes modules like Manufacturing, CRM, SCM, E-commerce, HRMS, Finance & Accounting .Avivo  supports Open-source Databases ,Open-source Operating System  & also does RDBA support to different clients in USA 

Open-Source ERP uses the Open-source Technology so we can cut down the cost & development times. A big difference in cost while comparing the Commercial ERP applications.

Avivo implements ERP solution in USA, India , The Middle East & has an Offshore facility in India for serving the bigger Asian market .

 Open-source ERP

The main reson for the popularity of open source ERP is there is no license fees.That is not the only reason for the growing popularity of open source ERP applications. Companies has to pay a large sum of money for license fees for the commercial ERP vendors. Not only that it will not stop with the implementation process alone & it continued in many areas like modification and deployment. ERP Open-Source helped to remove all these drawback. The Enterprise can download the software programs & the source code.So they can modify it according to their needs. A readymade ERP systems like oracle & sap needs a lot of customization according to the enterprise need. This is time consuming & expensive.

 Avivo Mobile ERP


Avivo Mobile ERP  improves the accuracy of data as well as increase its mobility.ERP applications are moving from Desktop to the Mobile & Handheld PC . Handheld computers enable the collection of data wherever it is generated. Avivo ERP has an effective way for  Data accuracy & is  essential for an effective ERP system & Mobile computing.

The mobility is by the possibility of accessing a Tablet PC  to check the stock of a certain product, and having the chance to make the order of shipment and get a contract without having to be physically at the office.In case of the technicians receiving alerts on their mobile phones about a breakdown, and once it is solved, they could report, also through their mobile phones, the work done, having the possibility to automatically arrange the invoice. 


RFID +ERP = Supply chain visibility

Avivo RFID solution  gives companies better visibility into their supply chains & can view data in detail , faster inventory turnaround and sales cycles.

Advantages of RFID 

RFID is  used to identify inbound and outbound product, RFID is used in the warehouse to locate product. Used in the manufacturing and processing industries to track and locate WIP (Work in Progress) and finished goods.RFID is being used to monitor and track product in transit, and  used to ensure store shelves are replenished.


 Advantages of Avivo ERP

The main and foremost advantage of Avivo ERP is the cost factor. Avivo ERP  has made it possible for Small & Medium Enterprise to enter the market owing to the cheap cost.  Another main advantage of Avivo ERP is the Lesser dependence on the vendor.We provide everything readymade right from source code. So enterprise can customize according to their needs. 




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